The application of Decentralized design. account book -opening, and fairer blockchain co-investor.

The chain of contract clearing mechanism. Chain hosting, liquidation of smart

contracts are completed on the blockchain, and data will public and traceable.

it is easy to obtain income with the help of world's best trading

talent,traders, and ordinary investors

More user-friendly interface.The API interface is connected to the large scale

digital currency exchange, and the transaction data is displayed in real time.

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XTactics is the next stage of the new asset transaction.

XBank provides the world’s leading programmatic strategy with low-cost

leasing to enable individual investment to be cooperated with top trader.

XTactics lower the standard of programmed transactions.

Financial strategist will rent out their own strategies, the individuals

use the strategies to gain more profit;and individuals also can choose

the appropriate trading strategy by comprising financial strategist 's

historical trading data.

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Blockchain technology will make the Internet

financial come true, and make it more open, fair and impartial.

To achieve real Internet finance ,all data information of trans

action, use and distribution will public on the Internet to enhance

the transparency and authenticity of fund using. The clearing part of

the proceeds will be completed on the blockchain ,it can reduce

intermediate links and save related costs.

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XIncubator is based on the distributed and decentralized technology of

blockchain. Blockchain technology has a lot of advantages such as opening

to the whole network with its data, dealing transparent and tracing data, etc.

And it boosts the correct rate of fund use of investors. it is no longer need

centralization to ensure the transparency of the project.

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The Xwallet will synchronize the world's most advanced blockchain technology

to supporting various token storage and payment.

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